Hi, I'm Jerri Kay Jimenez, owner of A Touch of Grace - Paper Boutique.

I've received numerous requests about my designs, where I get my inspiration, what products I use, and where can they be purchased. After much consideration and input from my family, I've decided to open a web store. While the store is small, it's my hope that A Touch of Grace - Paper Boutique will grow as I add more to the product line. Occasionally, kits of my designs will be offered in limited quantities.

My desire is to encourage you to spread your wings and have fun, give yourself the freedom to love what you do. Itís not about being perfect or what you perceive to be perfect, but about the joy of creating.

When my children were small and in school, they would bring home their little works of art that they had made for me. They would present their handmade gifts to me with joy on their sweet faces and my heart would swell with love for them. My children are now grown; I still have every gift they gave me in a keepsake box. When I open the lid, my eyes still sting with tears when they rest upon those oh so imperfect yet perfect little gifts. My keepsake box is my treasure box.

When you create a gift for a loved one, they feel the same way. Itís not about perfection! So I ask you to create, create, create! And, when you do, have fun, donít worry about it being perfect, give yourself the freedom to love what youíre doing! Your gift, whatever it may be, will make your loved one feel special.

I sincerely thank you for shopping with A Touch of Grace - Paper Boutique and for encouraging me in this new endeavor.

I wish you God's many blessings!

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